Our Story

Miss Nkechi Okafor and Mrs Rose Obiegbu started a small humanitarian non-profit group out of great zeal for salvation in November 2007 (Enugu, Nigeria). This keenness was ignited as a result of their membership in a church group called Secular Franciscan Order (SFO) under the Capuchin, which was spiritually directed by Rev. Fr. Dr. Cosmas Uzowulu OFN. The main goal of the group was to live the life of the gospel, a simple life nurtured in mercy and love. On the day of St Elizabeth of Hungary's Feast, the members set out in groups to drop off food to the less privileged. Incidentally, Rose and Nkechi were assigned to the same group headed for a psychiatric hospital. During this visit, they became familiar with each other and developed a divine connection which inspired them to continue the charity independently. 

Their first charity appearance was at the same psychiatric hospital in Enugu state, under the supervision of the same spiritual director of their church group (SFO). These two women contributed money, prepared meals and donated fairly used foreign clothing and footwear for the sole purpose of helping the needy. Over time, they gained support from family and friends who donated funds to aid the growth of their mission. Eventually, they expanded their charity to include cell inmates, the poverty-stricken and hospital patients whom they helped to pay off some debts. Nkechi and Rose touched people's lives with the little they could offer and despite Rose's relocation abroad in 2014, they were still able to continue on the same path. By the grace of God, this small local group from Enugu has grown into an international foundation with the addition of a few members sharing the same zeal and the support of everyone who aims to be a catalyst of positive change in the community. We are Charis Foundation.